Weren’t 4 Ps Enough?

Who is the 5th P?
Me. I’m Peter Nolan, a marketing guy who has helped some great brands develop into great businesses. At companies like Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, Potbelly Sandwich Works and Stir Crazy Restaurants, I have created and executed the programs that make customers sit up, listen, smile and reach for their wallets.

Weren’t 4 Ps Enough?
I started my consultancy because I love working with small, entrepreneurial companies. These companies don’t have the resources for a hotshot marketing person, but they deserve great marketing. They just want what works. After many years in this game, I know what works.

What Works?
Well, it depends what your company needs. That may sound like weasely marketing-speak, but it is true. We start with a clear-eyed assessment of your top business opportunities. From there, the marketing programs that will work will become evident. The services I provide include:


Direct Marketing


Public Relations


Customer Research

Who I Work With
Roti Mediterranean Grill
Roti has what every company wants – a unique niche. They are a fast casual Mediterranean restaurant. Their food is fresh, fast, healthy and, oh by the way, delicious. With great respect for Mediterranean culture and cuisine, Roti offers
“Food on A Human Scale”. I help Roti with driving traffic, cool programs that “wow” their customers, and new store openings.

Stir Crazy Restaurants
Talk about passion! Stir Crazy is fanatical about food quality (just ask the guy who rolls those Potstickers by hand) and guest service. I helped Stir Crazy evolve their branding to a look that matched the quality of their food. We have implemented a full marketing plan to build awareness and drive traffic. With beautiful restaurants, an unmatched guest experience, and those awesome Potstickers, Stir Crazy is a casual dining star.

Meatheads – Serious Burgers and Fries
There are many burger places, but only one Meatheads. Well, actually there are two Meatheads. I helped them open their second location. Meatheads shows that you can have a great burger in a cool space and a fair price. I know of no other company that has pulled off that triple play.

Labriola Bakery Cafe
It is an honor to work with Rich Labriola, Chicago’s premier artisan baker. For years, Rich has sold his bread to white tablecloth restaurants around Chicago. So when Rich asked me to help him open his first Bakery Cafe, I jumped at the chance. The place is gorgeous, the food is delicious, and I get paid in homemade gelato.