Who is the 5th P?

Me. I’m Peter Nolan, a marketer who has helped some great brands develop into great businesses. At companies like Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, Roti Modern Mediterranean, and Potbelly Sandwich Works, I have created and executed the programs that make customers sit up, listen, smile and reach for their wallets.

Weren’t 4 Ps Enough?

I started my consultancy because I love working with small, entrepreneurial companies. These companies may not have the resources for a hotshot marketing person, but they deserve great marketing. They just want what works. After many years in this game, I know what works.

What Works?

Well, it depends what your company needs. That may sound like weasely marketing-speak, but it is true. We start with a clear-eyed assessment of your company’s marketing needs. Maybe your brand needs clarification, or the brand expression needs a refresh. Or your sales are lagging. Together, we identify the top business opportunities. From there, I craft marketing programs to help your company reach its potential.